Top 6 benefits of private home care

As our loved ones age, there comes a point where we must consider future options such as private home care. Most people prefer to age in their homes for as long as possible. While residential care is often a required choice, there are many individuals who would greatly benefit from utilising private home care. Private […]

QA with Gillian Duggan – Regional Operations Director

Gillian Duggan is co-founder and Regional Director of Operations of Hibernia.  With over 20 years of experience in the home care sector, she knows first-hand how to provide and maintain the highest quality of care.  Here she tells us about her career to date, what sets Hibernia apart from its competitors and her dreams for […]

Five ways to adapt your home to age in place

As we age, it’s natural to want to remain in the comfort of our own homes for as long as possible, and private home care in Ireland is just one way to do this. Utilising such aid means you can live independently in your home when physical and health changes develop. Private home care in […]

The Importance of Fall Prevention in Irish Home Care

Those who work in Irish home care know that falls are a common and often serious concern for older adults. Such incidents result in injury, hospitalisation and decreased independence. In addition to this, they can cause increased levels of stress and worry – not only to the person themselves, but amongst family members and carers, […]

How technology is transforming the world of home care

In recent years, technology has transformed the way we think about home care services. From telemedicine to virtual assistants, powerful technology is making it easier for adults to age in their own homes, while allowing carers to provide aid and support from a distance. Ireland’s population is getting older, and such technological advances could be […]