Respite Care

When your own health and wellbeing calls for you to take some time for yourself, Hibernia can step in and ease the burden of care on you.

You need to care about you, too

Caring for a loved one can often feel like a full-time job – and that’s not easy when you already have a life and possibly a career to juggle, or other family members to look after.

Hibernia can provide respite care

Taking time out for yourself is vital to your own health and wellbeing. Our highly-qualified carers can step safely and seamlessly into your shoes while you get some rest or tend to the other responsibilities in your life.

We will assess your respite needs

The care team at Hibernia will work with you to build a high-quality plan and schedule of care that provides tailored support and companionship for your loved one.

If you or your loved one require more home care support than HSE funding will allow, Hibernia offers options for supplemental private in-home care. Contact us to find out more about our rates and the tax relief available.

As an add-on option to our Respite Care service, our clients can avail of palliative care, private home care services or disability care.