Disability Care

Our team cares for those living with long-term illness or disability, with expertise in managing personal care, medication, and exercise.

Disability requires individual care

Disability can affect a person at any stage of their life. Whether it’s present at birth or develops later in life through sickness or injury, each case is individual.

Hibernia has an expert disability care team

Our team of carers is expertly skilled and trained in caring for people aged 18 and over who are living with chronic health conditions or disabilities. We deliver quality support and personal care throughout the day for our clients, managing and prompting medication, enabling mobility, and fostering social engagement.

The Hibernia way of providing disability care

Our approach is safety-oriented, supportive and goal-focused, assisting clients to overcome daily challenges and live their lives as independently as possible.

If you or your loved one require more home care support than HSE funding will allow, Hibernia offers options for supplemental private in-home care. Contact us to find out more about our rates and the tax relief available.

As an add-on option to our Disability Care service, our clients can avail of palliative care or private home care services.